PulseQ NEMA Splitter

Power Distribution Made Easy

Introducing the PulseQ NEMA Splitter series, the ultimate solution for efficient power distribution in the complex electrical environment of the US market. Designed with advanced features and a user-friendly design, it caters to electric vehicle owners, everyday households, and automotive repair shops. Experience seamless power distribution and enjoy peace of mind with the PulseQ NEMA Splitter series. With a choice of 30A and 50A versions available, it's the perfect solution to meet various charging needs.

Power Up Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Connect and power up multiple devices at once with the PulseQ NEMA Splitter. From washers and dryers to air conditioners and EV chargers, effortlessly charge and manage all your devices without worrying about power shortages.

Smart Power Sharing

Power is distributed, with a left-side priority. When the total output exceeds 30A (50A), it's a left-to-right charge – your top device is always prioritized. Below 30A (50A), both outlets power together, charging up both of your devices at once. And with handy smart indicators, you can monitor your charging status in real time.

Safety Comes First

Your safety is our priority. The PulseQ NEMA Splitter is equipped with overload protection, short circuit protection, and overheating protection, ensuring the safety of both your devices and your home. Rest easy knowing that your devices are protected from potential damage caused by overcurrents or overheating. FCC and ETL certifications further guarantee safety and compliance.

Built to Last

We prioritize quality and durability. The PulseQ NEMA Splitter is built with high-quality materials and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliability and longevity. It will deliver excellent charges for years to come.

Small Yet Mighty

Designed with efficiency in mind, the PulseQ NEMA Splitter is compact and easy to use in any location, so you'll always have a convenient power solution.


Plug Type

NEMA 14-30

NEMA 14-50

Rated Output Voltage



Maximum Output Current

Max. 30A

Max. 50A

Output Current Distribution

Left Side (Primary)
Right Side (Secondary)

Left Side (Primary)
Right Side (Secondary)