PulseQ AC Lite & PulseQ AC Pro

TOPDON's PulseQ AC Lite & PulseQ AC Pro reimagines EV charging with convenience in mind. This AC charging station is highly compatible with electric vehicles with a Type2 interface. Capable of single-phase or three-phase charging, it can deliver a maximum power of up to 22KW, making it the ultimate choice for rapid charging. The PulseQ AC Lite & PulseQ AC Pro features 3 charging modes: Plug and Play, App Control, and RFID. Furthermore, the smart app allows for remote charging control. You can schedule charging times and monitor charging status, including estimated time, cost, and charging capacity, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

PulseQ AC Lite

With an IP65 rate and built-in type A + DC6mA leakage protection, this charger can be installed both indoors and outdoors, guaranteeing safety and peace of mind. Its compact design also saves valuable space.

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PulseQ AC Pro

Integrating the socket and charging body into one unit, the compact design saves valuable space and makes an ideal choice for existing dual-head charging cables.

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Home EV Charger Cloud Platform

Charging Station Management System

  • Fault Monitoring
  • Firmware Version
  • Charging Statistics
  • Number of Registered Users
  • Charging Station Status
  • Model Specification
  • Charging Method

For PulseQ AC Lite & PulseQ AC Lite

Smarter EV Charging With The Smart App

Pair the PulseQ with your smartphone to start or pause the charging progress whenever and wherever. Using the intuitive app, you can:

  • Schedule charging times during off-peak session.
  • Check estimated distance and cost.
  • View charging history.
  • Get notifications when fully charged.

More Household EV Chargers

PulseQ AC Portable

The PulseQ meets the charging needs of electric vehicles around the world with various connectors and plugs tailored to each region. Enjoy the convenience of two charging modes – plug-and-charge and scheduled charging – offering flexibility to suit your needs.

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PulseQ AC Home

TOPDON's PulseQ Home is the first of TOPDON's EV charging stations. Offering versatility, adaptability, and smart technology to users, the PulseQ makes EV charging widely accessible.

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PulseQ AC Mini

This innovative charging station offers easy installation, multiple tool models to choose from (Cable, Cable S, and Socket), and features a European Type 2 charging gun. Operating at 7kW, 230V, and 32A, the PulseQ Mini delivers both power and flexibility to meet your EV charging needs.

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