BoostQ DC Fast

The BoostQ DC Fast is TOPDON's electric vehicle charging station designed specifically for the US market with the J1772 interface. It features two connectors and a high-definition 15” touchscreen, combining sleek design with powerful functionality. Compared to traditional charging stations, the BoostQ DC incorporates a highly integrated programmable controller. Integrating power supply, communication, and safety protection, this significantly improves efficiency and safety.
With a maximum power of 240KW and a charging conversion efficiency of up to 96%, the BoostQ provides fast and stable charging for electric vehicles. It offers two charging modes: App mode and RFID mode, and is equipped with an emergency stop button, allowing flexible charging in various scenarios. With two charging gun heads and support for OCPP 1.6J protocol, it can be connected to third-party platforms, making it a perfect choice for commercial use.


  • Built-in programmable power controller for ease of use
  • CCS1 connectors, work with standard American electric vehicles
  • Easy-to-navigate 15" LCD touchscreen
  • App and RFID charging modes
  • An emergency stop function
  • Support OCPP1.6J
  • Compatible with third-party platforms
  • OTA remote upgrades keep your charger up-to-date with the latest features


Charging Mode

Model 4; CCS1

Output Power


Output Voltage


Output Current