Why Should You Get A Home EV Charger?

Why Should You Get A Home EV Charger?

Relation Between EV Range and EV Charging Points

Even though the popularity of electric vehicles in the automobile sector is growing immensely with every passing day, some serious and valid concerns have been raised by consumers since the first day. Out of these, the biggest question is the range.

According to a survey by the American Automobile Association, for 60 percent of consumers who intend to buy an electric car, the biggest fear in their mind is range fear that their car would run out of charge during travel. Hence, the answer to how much distance an average electric car would cover before its battery pack gets discharged completely is critical. This is because unlike conventional vehicles operating on fossil fuels, the availability of EV chargers is not as plentiful. The difference between the per km presence of EV charging spots and gas stations is drastic. Averagely, the typical mileage of an EV varies between 250 to 400 km after a full charge but it gets tough because a limited number of commercial EV charging points have to meet the demand of hundreds of vehicles and their vicinity. Therefore, if EV owners will completely rely on the EV charging infrastructure which is available commercially, they can never overcome the range fear they have.

It would take a mammoth effort to bring EV charging infrastructure to the level of its petroleum counterpart. Even if this gap of supply and demand replenishes, it would still be overcrowded with the increased number of electric vehicles and face a shortfall again shortly. In these tight conditions, as a consumer, there is a limited choice for an electric car owner to efficiently charge their vehicle and benefit from its full range.


The Solution: Setting Up an EV Charger In Your Own Home

But, what if you get the solution to all these problems installed right in your garage? Convenience and efficiency are right in your range. This can be possible through installing a home EV charger that not only upgrades the experience of being an EV owner but also proves worth it both financially and performance-wise.


What Benefits Are You Going To Get?

We have compiled some of the key benefits of installing a home EV charger at your property. These are to assist you in deciding better while choosing between your reliance on the local public charger and owning your dedicated charger at your property.

1.Skip the Queues Save The Time

We have told you before. The gap between the number of fast public EV Charging spots and EVs themselves is huge and it is very unlikely to be bridged shortly as the production of EVs is exceeding the public EV charging infrastructure. Until then, what do EV owners have to face, becoming part of long queues outside fast charging spots? certainly not. By getting an EV charger at your home you will not only be able to skip the queues but also save yourself from wasting valuable time finding an available charging point. Just plug in the connector a few hours before you have to move and yes you are all ready to live the day free from charging worries.

2.Enjoy The Real EV Experience

Most consumers buy EVs to enjoy their smart features and get rid of their fossil fuel dependency. They do not want their EV to run out of charge in the middle of the road just because they were not able to charge it due to distance from charging spots. Home EV chargers help you to live the real EV experience as they will make sure your vehicle will live up to the rated mileage after being fully charged at the start of the day.

Secondly, they maintain the regular performance of your cars by safeguarding their battery packs. Fast chargers are swift, but one drawback associated with them is that they downgrade the performance of batteries if used constantly. By installing an EV at your home you can ensure the battery health in your vehicle and maintain its lasting performance for years.

3.It Is Super Affordable

The next big thing is extreme affordability. You have already stepped on the path of economic feasibility after smartly choosing an EV instead of one of those ICE cars which consume hundreds of liters of fuel per month in this age of inflation.

The next big you can do is optimize their charging pattern. Normally, for utilizing a commercial EV charger, the average cost according to Alternative Fuels Data Center is around 0.13 USD per mile distance. The same for an EV charged through an at-home charger is merely 0.04 USD which is significantly lower and in the long run, would prove economical and add saving to your budget. Hence, going for a domestic EV Charger is both efficient and budget-friendly.

4.From Value of Money To Upgraded Value of Your Property

The benefits are not just limited to performance, economics, sustainability, etc. Having an EV charger at your property adds a lot to its worth. Let’s suppose you are renting out your place on any platform, the fact that it is inclusive with an EV charger adds a lot of value for people who own EVs. They will prefer your property over any property without this system. Similarly, in case you are planning to sell it, this factor will boost the worth of your property and make it desirable. The increased value of payback from your property can again help you in financing another EV or a charging system.

5.Take The Control In Your Hand

Commercial EV systems are not in your control. You can not schedule them, manage the charging status of your vehicle or also modify the charging parameters according to your regulatory requirements. Through home EV chargers, all these tasks are possible. You have a complete insight into how your charger is performing and can customize it according to your needs.


PulseQ Home EV Charger for Your Car: An Ideal Choice

The best quality equipment with the most competitive price tag is what TopDon has always been delivering to its valuable customers. We profoundly claim that our PusleQ residential charger range would prove to be a perfect decision for your EV. Not only it's available in versatile ranges according to American, EU, and British standards but through rigorous testing, we ensure that it meets the US and EU standards by the accreditation of certification such as UL Listed Level 2 AC EV Charger for the US market and CE, LVD, RED, and RoHS certification for EU market. So, whichever region you may drive your car after getting it charged from our product the satisfaction remains intact and insured. When it comes to connectivity performance, it has expanded compatibility with the SAE J1772 (TYPE1)/ IEC62196-2 (Type 2) connector, which diminishes brand barriers and makes it a versatile connector to most of the EVs prevalent in the market. We are committed to safety and have embedded our models with protection layers from electrical to mechanical, and thermal protection so that you get a smooth and safe user experience each time you plug in and plug out. It is also integrated with its mobile application which makes the regulation of your EV charger as easy as it was ever before. 

Feel free to order via our online or offline retail platforms and start enjoying the most optimum EV lifestyle.

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